PUBLISHERS is de worlds first affiliate marketing network dedicated to travel.

Reasons to sign up:

100% free for publishers

Guaranteed pay out per 3 months

Access to niche travel advertisers



Why do publishers love Traviliate:

Very low decline of sales

Nothing causes more frustration with publishers than declining their sales. In order to minimize the decline of sales we have set up some rules to be respected by the advertisers:

Sale approved to another channel

If you as advertiser uses retargeting or other affiliate networks, we accept that of course. But for us this is not a valid reason to decline the sale generated via Traviliate. The initial click was generated via one of the Traviliate-publishers because that publisher inspired the visitor to visit the advertisers website. If you apply retargeting in the days after this visit, and a sale is generated, the advertiser can’t give this reason to decline the sale. Besides this, if the advertiser uses other affiliate networks and a click is generated via that network, the Traviliate cookie should be overwritten. Common practice in affiliate marketing is ‘last cookie counts’. If that alternative affiliate network generates the sale, the Traviliate cookie should be overwritten, therefore we do not accept this reason for decline of the sale. If that cookie is not overwritten, the sale should be awarded to the Traviliate publisher.

Sale cancelled

If a client cancels his holiday, this can’t be a reason to decline the sale. He already made a downpayment and the advertiser received all contact details of the client to generate a possible future sale. Therefore we do not accept this reason to decline a sale. Not respecting these Traviliate general terms and conditions, will result in closure of the advertisers account.

Guaranteed 3 monthly payments of approved sales

Publishers love to receive their approved sales fast. In order to guarantee our promise to publisher by paying out every 3 months, we are depending on the speed of payment of the advertisers. Therefore we ask advertisers to respect the terms of payment as stated on our invoices. If the advertiser guarantees the payment before the deadline, Traviliate can pay out the publishers every 3 months and keep everybody happy.

Not respecting these Traviliate general terms and conditions, will result in closure of the advertisers account.

No SEA-agencies

SEA agencies are excluded from the Traviliate network. We focus only on high quality content publishers who deserves the reward for the initial inspiration of the sale. In our opinion, SEA-agencies are in most cases only buying keywords which the advertisers themselves also buy. Hence; increase of CPC!

No comparison websites

In general, comparison websites do not have unique content, but the only work with feeds to display an overview of certain holidays. By not offering data-feeds, comparison website are automatically disclosed from the Traviliate network. In a lot of cases, the comparison website bought the traffic to its website via SEA instead of generating unique content.

No coupon, voucher or cashback websites

Because we truly believe in unique content, we disclose coupon, voucher and cashback websites from the Traviliate network. In a lot of cases with other affiliate networks, the voucher website is awarded with the sale because the ‘last cookie counts’. However, we believe that the publisher who initially inspired the visitor to make a reservation for his holiday should be awarded with the sale, instead of awarding a voucher websites which only drops a cookie by ‘promising’ a discount.