ADVERTISERS is de worlds first affiliate marketing network dedicated to travel.

Reasons to sign up:

No setup fees

No monthly fees

We only charge a small commission/fee per sale.



Why do advertisers love Traviliate:

No booking engine needed

If you have a computerized reservations or bookingsysteem, that’s great! But if you only have order forms or requests to proposal, we still can help you out.

Normally you pay a percentage of the value of the sale generated based on the data from the reservation system.

If you only have an order form on your site or something similar, we advice you to work with fixed lead fees.

You decide what you pay!

You decide what you pay to us and the publishers. Of course, with our extensive experience in this world of online marketing we advise you a certain commission or fee, but the ultimate decision is 100% up to you as advertiser.

Our ‘network fee’ is 50% on top of the amount you pay out to the publisher. Example: If you give your publishers 10% commission, we add 50% of that 10%. The total on your invoice will be 15% in this example.

If you pay for example: € 25 per sale, we charge you 50% of € 25. We will eventually invoice you € 37,5 for this sale

Keep in mind; if your commission or fee is low, very few publishers will promote you.

All inclusive prices

In contrast to other affiliate networks, we charge you only all-inclusive prices. Common practice in the affiliate ‘world’ is that you pay a premium to the network UPON the fee you pay to the publisher.

Not with Traviliate, the commission you setup in our system is the all-in price you pay!

No SEA agencies

SEA agencies are excluded from the Traviliate network. We focus only on high quality content publishers who deserves the reward for the initial inspiration of the sale. In our opinion, SEA-agencies are in most cases only buying keywords which the advertisers themselves also buy. Hence; increase of CPC!

No comparison websites

In general, comparison websites do not have unique content, but the only work with feeds to display an overview of certain holidays. By not offering data-feeds, comparison website are automatically disclosed from the Traviliate network. In a lot of cases, the comparison website bought the traffic to its website via SEA instead of generating unique content.

No coupon, voucher or cashback websites

Because we truly believe in unique content, we disclose coupon, voucher and cashback websites from the Traviliate network. In a lot of cases with other affiliate networks, the voucher website is awarded with the sale because the ‘last cookie counts’. However, we believe that the publisher who initially inspired the visitor to make a reservation for his holiday should be awarded with the sale, instead of awarding a voucher websites which only drops a cookie by ‘promising’ a discount.